Hush Now & Listen.

Image Courtesy: Level 10 Muslimah

We are so caught up with what goes on in our mind, that we often forget to do the most important thing, and that’s to listen.

My thoughts on listening weaved into words, read on and leave your thoughts behind. ‎إن شاء الله‬.


Hush now and listen,

Listen, before you talk, listen!


Listen to love,

Listen to respect.


Listen to be kind,

Listen to care.


Listen to the pain,

Listen to forgive,

Listen to heal.


Listen to learn,

Listen to understand,

Listen to what matters.


Listen through the silence.

Listen through the noise.


Listen through the laughter.

Listen through the tears.


Listen through the problem.

Listen to the solution.


Listen beyond the words,

Listen from your heart.

Listen to your soul.


Listen to connect with the world.

Listen to connect with yourself.


What you seek is right here,

If you could just hush and listen.


~Seema Umm Rayyan~

Seema Umm Rayyan is a Spiritual Contentment Coach and a Self Awareness Facilitator

She accompanies her sisters in deen in creating a life that’s pleasing to Allah سُبحَانَهُوَتَعَالَىٰ, facilitating them in their journey discovering contentment and deep diving into the understanding of their own self and developing their self-awareness.

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