Finding My Identity In Obedience- My Hijab Story

“Sister Cover Your Modesty-sister cover your modesty? How can he give this to me? What does he mean? Am I not modest? How am I being immodest?”  “No! I am not stepping out of the house without my hijab, if I go I go with it on or I don’t go at all.” Both of Continue Reading →

Benefits from the Life of Abdullah Ibn Masood رضى الله عنه​

Abdullah Ibn Masood رضى الله عنه was one of the first Sahabas to accept Islam; he is famous for his deep-rooted knowledge in the Quranic sciences such as its recitation, Tafsir as well as in the science of fiqh. There is so much to learn from this kind-hearted, noble companion of the Prophetﷺ however, my Continue Reading →

40 Lessons at Forty

I don’t celebrate my birthday for religious reasons, but reaching 40 seems unreal ‎some how SubhanAllah, I have existed in the world for 40 years and it seems like a sweep and a whiff and a poof!!! Time flies and thinking back to these 40 years gets me nostalgic and the realization kicking in that Continue Reading →

Lessons Learned From a Failed Collaboration

Background Image Credit: Cytonn Photography [Unsplash] As an entrepreneur, and still warming my feet in the social media entrepreneurial-collaboration game, I was invited to collaborate with a named and famed business in the community around a year ago. Stepping in with big thinking around stepping out into a new territory, yet seeing it as a Continue Reading →

Forgiveness & Moving On

Every single story and narrative that we fish out from the past to throw at another person, the arguments, determined to prove that, that the only true version of the story is our version of the story. Plop! The Ego pop! Rallying through the streets of past experiences, beliefs so strong, the clips playing in Continue Reading →