What I can Coach you on:

Familial Relationship Pitfalls [spouse, parents, in-laws]

Teen Parenting Predicaments

Decision Making Dilemmas

Brain Storming Sessions

Creative/Productive/Reflective Journal Coaching

Group/ One:One

Topics Covered:

Understanding Self-Esteem.

Understanding Self-Confidence.

Origin of Self-Doubt. 

Addressing Limiting Beliefs.

Body Image Perspective Shift.

Understanding Spiritual Weakness.


Nafs Connection (Evergreen)

~Understanding the connection between Your Nafs and the Source of Human Psychological Experience~

Quran Journaling (Evergreen)

~Build a Deeper Connection with Allah and His Book through Reflection, Coaching and Journaling~

Ms. Level 10 (happening live)

~A Discovery of your Identity in Marriage~

Coming Soon

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