About Level 10 Muslimah

Level 10 Muslimah Life Coaching was launched in 2016 by Seema Azmath with the mission of exploring spiritual contentment through various facets of life and its experiences, embarking on a journey of self-discovery and awareness, acquiring resilience and a deeper connection with ‎Allah ‎.

Level 10 is a 360° holistic way of life.

It is going beyond planning to take inspired action, coming back to the crux of our existence that is to create a life that’s pleasing to Allah ‎ﷻ, ‎In Shaa Allah.

On an exploration of spiritual contentment    Prepared to deep-dive into you self-awareness    Realize that you are a work in progress and set yourself on a continual quest to improve yourself •  Growing and evolving moment to moment    Stumble and fall yet understand that getting back up again is the only logical direction to go    Understand that you are a perfectly imperfect creation of your Rabb • Embrace your imperfections turning them into opportunities of repentance    Strive to remain on the Straight Path (Sirat al mustaqeem) amidst the detours that come about in life    On a relentless journey towards leading a noble and righteous life that’s pleasing to Allah‎  

If you can resonate with this and if you see all of the above values in yourself, you are a woman with the potential to be a Level 10 Muslimah.