Seema is a very warm intuitive Muslimah and her gentle, attentive and creative nature is such a pleasant part of working with her.

Khadija AL Kaddour-Australia

It is a pleasure to work with Seema, her approach is comforting and non-judgemental. Her questions enabled me to gain clarity on the issue I was facing & how to move forward with it.


Seema helped in bringing clarity to me when I was in a confused state. Her coaching paved the way for me to realize that I was already where I wanted to be and I only needed to open my mind’s eye to see through it all. I highly recommend Seema if you want clarity on your life.

Umm Afraz-UAE

I am glad that I have this blessed opportunity to write about a dear friend of mine Seema. Steady mutual contribution and continuous communication is all needed to maintain any relationship, if someone has aced it she has, really. She is a professional coach and has been training with many experts across the world over the years to update her skills and put efficient methods into practice. I can honestly tell that her methods are very workable and can help to enunciate your daily life. I highly recommend this humble lady for anyone who is wanting to get in touch with a professional who can also be your friend. Bounds and Leaps of wishes to you Seema for a person that you are now and the one you want to become ❤.


Alhamdhulillahi Rabbil alameen! It was a wonderful meeting with Seema today.

I had an eye-opening coaching session with her, which really helped me focus more on my way of life. I felt that it was different from counseling to think promptly about. I wasn’t receiving advice, rather from a different angle.

I felt completely comfortable and safe within the session.

Jazakillahu khairan katheerah, dear Seema.

BarakAllahu feek. 


I highly recommend Sister Seema’s Nafs Connection program. I learned a lot from an Islamic perspective about the levels of our nafs and the intelligence of the heart. As an Inside Out Paradigm facilitator myself, I really appreciated the holistic approach she took to conducting this program, and how she highlighted ahadith and ayaat from the Quran that beautifully connected to the program’s simple psychological truth. I valued her personal insights, which was evident in the way she tied the Islamic, psychological and scientific realms together.

JazakiAllahu khayran, Seema Umm Rayyan for this beautiful program.

May it bless many sisters towards their own personal insights, and grant them personal and spiritual abundance here, and more so in the hereafter. Ameen.

Oum Chouaib-Canada

Nafs Connection sessions are something that I looked forward to every week. Masha Allah la hawla wala kuwwata illa billah ❤.

Sister Seema Umm Rayyan has been a very good guide along the journey, and the best part is: It helps us connect with our Creator.

She has been very supportive and has helped each and every one of us in the best possible way.

I just absolutely loved the Eeman Boosting workout. When you have the belief that you’ve messed up, this workout helps you let go of that inhibiting belief and get a lighter heart in its place—and this is all done through the remembrance of Allah. What more can I say about it!


Alhamdulillah, these sessions were so powerful, by the Will of Allah, that I am now able to manage my fears/phobias.

Subhan Allah, I can’t even begin to explain the many positive changes that have occurred within me. I am really happy that I got my lost life back eventually after a struggle of 16 years. I have no words to express how I feel. May Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala grant Sister Seema Umm Rayyan and her family the best of both worlds and protect them from every evil among the seen and the unseen. Ameen.


Nafs Connection. The words changed me. Even my kith and kin noticed my transformation. These days, I have complete control over my thoughts. I have now found the maturity to handle things better than before. QadrAllahAlhamdulillah.

Shabana Roshan-India

What I liked about the Nafs Connection course is how Sister Umm Rayyan eloquently explains everything. She held our hands and helped us walk towards Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala. Through this course, she trained us to remember our Creator in every moment of our lives. At the end of every session, I would eagerly look forward to the next week’s session. Really love this course very much. I have no words to explain my experience with the Eeman Boosting exercise. It makes us cry in front of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala, makes us feel lighter, and also teaches us that we cannot feel free unless we open ourselves before Allah. Really an awesome experience.


Seema is one of the best Islamic coaches I’ve known. SubhanAllah, her Eeman Boosting Exercise is an amazing, soul-touching workout. I haven’t done any workout like this in my life before, and this was a refreshing, rejuvenating, and re-awakening experience.

Insha Allah I will be using it every once in a while to take that moment to slow down and reflect, and reconnect with my Creator on a deeper level.

She’s a great life transformational coach who does her level best to guide her clients to do their best bi-idhnillah. I highly recommend her service to one and all. Allahumma baarik 3layha fiddunya wal akhirah

Umm Afraz-UAE

This is one of the best workouts I have done this year. It is an audio treat and comfort to the senses-nourishment for my heart, and solace for my soul. It expanded my mind and took me to a realm where I connected with my inner self.

This workout is something that I will treasure and implement for the rest of my life.


Listening to Seema Umm Rayyan’s Eeman Boosting Workout was a heart-soothing experience! It calmed me and helped me feel a deeper connection to Allah.

I love how grounded she is in her delivery, and how confident yet gentle she is in her approach. May Allah bless her and accept her efforts, 
‏اللهم بارك عليك في الدنيا والاخره. 
آمين يا رب !

Sanjeeda Shaeed

This is a really good workout.. and I think I will need it most whenever I am broken and in tears, whenever I fall into sin, whenever I can’t share about my feelings with anyone, whenever I feel the need to run from a situation, In Shaa Allah I will open it and hear it and will try to calm myself down.

Aysha Sameen-India