In The Land Of Strangers By Zeneefa Zaneer

In the Land of Strangers by Zeneefa Zaneer

Every story in this compilation of short stories is remarkable and would speak to the soul of its reader. It would become a difficult task if I had to choose my favorite among them. So here are my brief thoughts on all the stories from this book.

I am sure each and every one of us has been lost, on our way before we were guided by His Mercy. This is a captivating journey of losing and finding oneself and turning towards repentance and acknowledging the favors of Allah. ‎Alhamdulillah!

Our limited time on this earth is passing by like clouds, this story is a reminder to prioritize what matters before we miss out on the precious moments. A wake-up call indeed.

A Man’s thoughts on taking an important decision, but does that decision have to be based on social conformity? Not without her, a breath of fresh perspective on taking important decisions and not giving in to pressure and conformity.

A societal evil tackled in a such a positive way. This story gives hope that the Devil’s Gift will be banished soon enough, by the changing directions of the wind, with knowledge and implementation of the deen, In Shaa Allah!

A sweet love story through the mundanity of life, Nine to Five is the story of a husband and a wife’s expectations, and understanding in spite of disappointments, it will leave you thinking- life is bittersweet- but, we still carry on with love.

Journal, will challenge every judgment you made about another person and will challenge you to re-evaluate the grudges and prejudices you might hold for people in your life. Beautifully penned and definitely an eye-opener.

Dear Diary takes you into the perspective of the character, her journey, her grievances, her disappointments and finally into her insights about life. It gave a sense of peaking through someone’s mind, SubhanAllah!

Allah tests us in different ways, and having hope in His Mercy and complete reliance on His plans, even when He gives and even when He takes, SubhanAllah! A couple’s journey through trials, hardship, and companionship.

A bud of love, I do not want to say too much about this, except that it is a story of gratitude and giving back. Will leave your heart gushing and wanting to do the same- give back and nurture the most important person in your life.

The scary, yet factual narrative of what lack of knowledge and reliance on Allah can do to a person’s faith and how it can damage the soul. How the whisper of the whisperer, can push someone out of the fold of Islam. SubhanAllah!

Sr. Zeneefa Zaneer has a beautiful way with words and she is a master storyteller. I felt the emotions of her characters, I cried with them, for them, felt relief and joy for them.

I highly recommend this book. It’s a must-read, with loads of reminders are personal reflective moments.

You can purchase this book here. You can also find her on GoodReads.

Seema Umm Rayyan is a Spiritual Contentment Coach and a Self Awareness Facilitator

She accompanies her sisters in deen in creating a life that’s pleasing to Allah سُبحَانَهُ وَتَعَالَىٰ, facilitating them in their journey discovering contentment and deep diving into the understanding of their own self and developing their self-awareness.

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