About Me

Most of us strive to be on a journey of self development and betterment.
Our primary goal in this world is to worship Allahﷻ and to earn his pleasure and reward. Allahﷻ tells us in the Quran to help each other in the acts of piety and righteousness. [Surat Al Maidah: 2]
The Prophetﷺ also stated in a hadith; on the authority of Abu Hurairah رضى الله عنه that, whoever relieves a believers distress in the aspect of this world, Allahﷻ rescues him from his difficulties in the hereafter. [Muslim]
 Having been on a similar personal journey, coupled with my background in psychology from a secular and Islamic perspective, I am offering my sisters in deen a helping hand to overcome challenges they may encounter in their personal development and spiritual growth. 

 I invite you to join hands with me to embark on this journey together not just as your mentor or coach but as a friend who cares about your well-being إن شاء الله.

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Umm Rayyan has graduated with a bachelors degree in psychology from the University of Madras. She also completed the fundamentals of Islam course from IRGC (Chennai). She is currently pursuing an Associate degree in Islamic Psychology from Islamic Online University (IOU) and a diploma in CBT from the Centre of Excellence (UK).  

She is the deviser/ co-founder/ counselor at Solace Islamic Assistanceand the architect of The Habit Effect Workshops conducted under the Solace Islamic Assistance banner. She is also a volunteer counselor at Ar- Rajaa the hope Islamic counseling services. 

She operates as a life/transformation coach under her business name Level 10 Muslimah, and is the creator of the Nafs Rewired and Journaling Muslimahs programs, under the level 10 Muslimah banner.

Her focus is to help Muslim women and teenage girls live a holistic, level 10 life of purpose, through Psychology, mindfulness and Islam. Through her programs she intends to teach the understanding and importance of connecting with the fitrah to embrace life as it comes and live with Ihsan(excellence) ‎إنشاءالله.

As a Muslimah she believes in improvising the different roles she is entrusted with and fulfilling the responsibility that comes with it to the best of her ability.

She is a passionate advocate of building a connection with Allahﷻ as the fundamental aspect of working towards building a connection with the self and those around.

With this foundational belief, she aspires to help her sister’s in deen, overcome their trials to reach their optimum potential that  all humans beings are innately blessed with ‎إنشاءالله.