Alone with my thought.

In the darkness of the night,

I rest my head on the cushion.

A single thought pops on my mind,

And spreads like a vine.


Tears rolling down the chin,

In the battle of past and future thinking.

So caught up in the worries and solution,

I completely lose the value of this moment.


A moment gone is a moment lost,

Yet I am blinded by the illusion.

Losing clarity of my vision,

Am I the one in control of this moment?


Am I in control of this moment?

Why do I arrest myself to this prison

Of my own creation- No, I am the creation

Of The Most High, and I control nothing.


This knowledge makes me aware,

And this awareness makes me humble.

I bow down to my Rabb in submission,

Without Whom I am nothing.


The gift of thought I am given,

How am I using?

In my Rabb’s Glorification,

Or in my own debasement?


~Umm Rayyan

[Follow link to hear me read this poem]

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