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I accompany women in exploring spiritual contentment, coaching them through art and journaling, so they may discover a deeper connection with Allah.

What is Level 10?

Creating a Level 10 Life begins with exploring spiritual contentment in our experience of life, which takes us on a journey of self-discovery and self-awareness, that results in acquiring resilience and a deeper connection with Allah Azzawajal In Shaa Allah.

Level 10 is a 360° holistic way of life.

It is going beyond planning to take inspired action in order to create a life that’s pleasing to Allah ‎.

Who is a Level 10 Muslimah?

She is on an exploration of spiritual  contentment    She is prepared to deep-dive into her self-awareness    She realises that she is a work in progress and sets herself on a continual quest to improve herself    She is growing and evolving moment to moment    She stumbles and falls yet understands that getting back up again is the only logical direction to go    She understands that she is a perfectly imperfect creation of her Rabb and embraces her imperfections turning them into opportunities of repentance    She strives to remain on the Straight Path (Sirat al mustaqeem) amidst the detours that come about in life    She is on a relentless journey towards leading a noble and righteous life that’s pleasing to Allah‎     She is you, me, and every other woman on this planet with the potential to be a Level 10 Muslimah.

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Life Coaching

A coaching conversation is a safe, judgement free zone, where we explore together infinite possibilities for your life in a co-creative environment, with authentic contribution, turning these infinite possibilities into tangible realities. A personalized 1:1 session going beyond planning to take inspired action.

Nafs Connection Program

~Understanding the connection between Your Nafs and the Source of Human Psychological Experience~

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Discovery Call?

A discovery call in coaching is to give you a taste of what a coaching session looks like and to give you an experience of what it’s like to work with me.

What could you bring to this call?

Anything that you may be stuck with in your personal or professional life.

How I coach?

I use art and journaling in my sessions, depending on what makes sense to bring to the coaching conversation.

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